Nevele Studios: "Pinecone, Ayiti" (2020) Nevele Studios: "Pinecone, Ayiti" (2020)

Nevele Studios: "Pinecone, Ayiti" (2020)




"Inspired by the bicolor design of the Haitian national flag, also its principal participants of Bwa Kayiman ceremony and the revolution that took place from August 1791 to January 1804. The likes of houg'an (Priest) Dutty Boukman, man'bo (Priestess) Iman, Emperor Dessalines, Henri Christophe; along with the other sorcerers, soldiers, maids, farmers, teachers, spirits known and unknown responsible for sacrificing their lives for liberation, be it physical, mental or spiritual." - Zetwal


"As history tells it, she (the man'bo) made the conspirators drink the blood of the animal she had slaughtered, while persuading them that therein lay the proof of their future invincibility in battle." - JB Romain


Size: 8x10

Medium: Ink on textured paper.


(Sold without frame. For further questions about framing & shipping, email