Darryl Richardson: "Kiosco de Santa Maria" (2018)

Darryl Richardson: "Kiosco de Santa Maria" (2018)



"A detailed view of the Kiosco de Santa María la Ribera. Located in one of Mexico City’s most vibrant neighborhoods, the kiosco is a standout structure due to its Moorish-style design.


Most of my personal work depicts a macro view of the world around us. I try to leave my art open-ended. I want the viewer to question what it is they are seeing. And this photo is a prime example of just that.


At first glance one might think this structure is located somewhere in Turkey or Africa. When in actuality it’s nowhere near a country with an Islamic history."

- Darryl 


Size: 16x19

Medium: Glossy print; please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for framing.