Darryl Richardson: "Catch Of The Day" (2018)

Darryl Richardson: "Catch Of The Day" (2018)



Jambiani, Zanzibar

24 January 2018


"After a short dhow ride to a tiny strip of land in the Indian Ocean, Captain wasted no time and begins his hunt for the days lunch. Serpentining across the island for his prey, Captain quickly locates the home of his first catch of the day.


A rock is removed swiftly, revealing a hole in the surface wide enough for him to squeeze his index finger into. After a bit of poking around with his finger and twig, Captain catches the first octopus with ease.


Shortly after the first catch he secures another. And another. I watched his graceful movements in awe. My goal that day was to somehow capture the beauty of life in its simplest form."



Size: 11x14

Medium: Glossy print; please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for framing.