Adika Butler: "Treasures Of Darkness" Adika Butler: "Treasures Of Darkness"

Adika Butler: "Treasures Of Darkness"



Multi disciplinary artist Adika Abassi Ani Butler glides and maneuvers through various abstruse subjects of note in the 222 pages of his first self published book. Inner light is the under (or overlying) theme here, African deities of numerous doctrines are highlighted; misconceptions of the misunderstood Moorish and Rasta ideologies are cleared up; an eclectic mix of songs and source reading material accompany each chapter.


Many times throughout reading this book, I’ve placed the book down to allow a passage or sink deeply into my minds eye. Creative juices are quenched and begin to flow freely throughout the physical vessel. Software update complete. Enjoy the ride. :)


Pages: 222

Dimensions: 6x8 inches