05.23.2020: 014. When Doorways Open Based On Energetic Fields.

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Day 74 of the March 11 "lockdown" of New York. For decades as part of the city's bragging rights about it being the "city that never sleeps", now it seems as if that philosophy suddenly needed a nap itself. I had been out and about throughout the process thus far, observing those also willing to defy the logic... or lack thereof of our public servants.


Visually, the mood felt very similar to the pre 21st century variation of the city I remember as a young lad, well before the marriage of streetwear and high fashion dominated the corner and surrounding blocks near Prince & Broadway, many trends and trendsetters began and peaked within those particular coordinates. At present, it's shuttered small and larger businesses alike.



The last time I saw it like this was late October, 2012. Sandy caused a ruckus, took down many trees, whole houses, some of the underbelly, light poles and electricity thought the city. Eerily, it did not feel that much different this time.  Some restaurants are still fulfilling orders, deliveries of many sorts still have to be made, the grid and countless other industries that keep a civilization moving and thriving still have a pulse.


Even on a recent drive, routes that usually would take up to two hours to complete at minimum was done in far less than an hour. Long stretches of Lexington avenue with very few stoppages, looking like the Monaco Grand Prix on a Saturday afternoon is quite the visual.


The psychological effects look to range from the short term to long term, more permanent scars. Took my time to enjoy a stroll that did not interrupt with the usual people traffic...and all that potentially comes with that.


The roll of prints shown below is the first set to have been processed since the previous autumn. Brooklyn set as the home base, over the Manhattan bridge through the Bowery, on the way uptown. From 116th and Amsterdam, through 59th street and the Queensboro bridge into the depths of Q-boro. New York is not the type of place to get too comfortable indoors when you are an explorer. And still there is so much to discover within the city's 300 mile radius.


The Noguchi Museum, Queens, N.Y.


Already interesting about this process that often times, unless you keep a meticulous record of the exposures taken, there is a tendency to forget about shots you were initially excited about...only to be even happier (and a lil relieved) of the end result.





 - Nevele