02.22.2020: 012. "Giant Steps"

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New York on this evening was chillier than it has been all winter season, which really isn't saying much considering there is still another week of February and another month until the equinox, so no complaints.


Lexington avenue moves calmly, making for a joyful drive, the cross lights consecutively oblige for you to proceed on your way. N'Dea Davenport appears with repetitious reminders throughout the week about making plans to last forever. There was a time when Thursdays were not exactly the most exciting day of the week, Sunday and Tuesday always seemed to be in a match for the top position.


Art openings still occur primarily on Thursday evenings and with it being the prelude for the weekend warriors, it's always a great option before Friday to Sunday evening brings a different form of chaos than during the work week.




The now rare late 90's, early 2000's era Crown Vic taxi sits right before me on 50th, waiting for the green light to reveal itself and it's driver to move on. Although I preferred the Caprice's (both the boxed and curved bodies) that would come to be replaced as the flagship cab of the city in the mid 90's, this model is still appreciated of its role in playing the backdrop and something of a reliable mode of transportation when the grid is free flowing.


The agenda for this recent Thursday is for Michael Anthony Pegues; presentation of two new works as part of "Giant Steps" art exhibit at Casa de Montecristo cigar bar in Midtown, one of which was inspired by Harlem fashion legend Dapper Dan. 



Michael Anthony Pegues (right).


The space itself is about 2,000 square feet give or take, with a more tucked away half at the rear of the venue, floor to ceiling windows and as much ventilation as one would need in an enclosed space.




To see more of Michael's works, click here.


Images By Christopher Silva, Dallas Gonzalez and David Rhodes.