01.19.2021 019. Simone Bresi-Ando R.I.P.

Posted by James Jean on

It is with great sorrow to announce that my dear friend and collaborator Simone Bresi-Ando has passed away. As some of you may know, she is the creator of the Adinkra ancestral guidance cards. She also worked in television production as well as many other endeavors revolving around spiritually uplifting her community, including yours truly.


We had many friends in common and spent numerous great moments together. Sharing laughs, supporting each others endeavors, deep conversations about life, love, spirituality, relationships and the like. Some of these components are also part of an interview conducted with her about a year and a half ago for the site.


It was only about fourteen months ago when I last saw her for her birthday. This is a night I remember vividly, not only from pictures taken that night but as one of the last significant events with our set of friends before March 2020, and we all know how things changed from there. We last spoke a few months ago, discussing a little business and in general catching up on each other's lives.


Life has a way of presenting the individual with interesting circumstances. You nurture relationships with the people you may refer to as a family member or friend, establish bonds based on similar experiences with the understanding that you are two completely separate entities moving through this physical process in your own unique ways.


Sometimes you hang out with that person like you did a countless number of times before, not realizing that one time may be the last time you physically share that space together. This is what comes to mind in regards my now departed friend, along with all the other collection of great memories as well.


Simone, your lively, youthful energy and hundred thousand watt smile will be sorely missed. Rest peacefully.


She is survived by her family in London and Accra, Ghana.