05.01.2019: 001. "Lessons in transmutation."

Posted by Nevele Chambers on

Artful |ärtfel| adjective - showing creative skill or taste; clever or skillful.


Death my dear old friend, so we meet again. You made a man out of me at such a young age and whenever you did appear, my most informative life lessons came along with it.


Often, you came along with a major transformation occurring or about to occur. As of late, these lessons showed me the doorway to observe reality in a much different way, one that strengthens my creative muscles and operate beyond the five senses. 


Art is measured in one of two ways: how its creator judges it and how the external world receives it. The idea can manifest in a revelation at 4am or sparked by a conversation with your closest confidants eons before reaching this point of completion. Once shared, suddenly it is out of your clutches, into the ether and available for public consumption.


For your creative offspring to celebrated by your peers is ideal but the goal should be seeking satisfaction with the journey, first and foremost. How those particular moments were able to shape your thought process, revelations you brought from darkness into the light, among many other portals one can access during this building period.


Any external judgements should be an afterthought…in theory.



Creative arts remains a dangerous expression to the establishment order, particularly when the faculties are activated to form ideas and actions outside the parameters of the artist’s objective reality.


What else can we expect from the same pen that rewrites history with one hand, setting public policy and social norms with the other? The artist’s ability to receive messages from the higher source to communicate their narrative is a gift none of us in tune can ever take for granted. 


"The renaissance is distinguished and admired by those who are the strivers...the renaissance spawned out of the pockets of those who embrace art, embrace arrangement, who embrace the process. These are what makes perfection perceived by those who are noble." - A.A. Rashid


The only goal of these resource controlling leeches is to keep the public perpetually stuck in lower realms of thought with little to no reference point of liberation. False expectations appearing real. This does not have to be the case and is only so because it is something that is not given but taken. To overcome these ills will require changes that begin and continue within.


Try as we might, this frequency of existence will not be accessed by everyone although it is available to anyone willing to pose enough of the questions required for entry.


“Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power

And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers

The world is ours, that’s why the demons are leery…”


Progress remains constant. Cultural stagnation can be stalled by learning from yesterday yet remaining present, with an eye forward. A quest for knowledge and self improvement can relieve elements of the past, yet it is not a crystal ball into what’s to come ahead.


However, it does bring a sense of placidity knowing that the journey was spent in balance of the lighter and darker aspects of self, walking along your purpose amidst the external chaos. At the same time, we should be mindful that the aforementioned external forces only distract us from the reconnection to our luminous selves.


Continue cultivating your own narrative. No one can tell your story quite like you. This is why “history is decided by the victors.” Are you the Heru/o of your story or are you allowing someone else to write it out for you?


We all are apart of the alchemical process, whether it is realized or not. Staying pinned down to well worn dogmas is no longer an option or else be prepared to be left behind (perish). Any action(s) not aligned with the elevation and protection of the self… well, I’ll let you figure that out.


Images by Sean Quincy.